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I have a helper that takes a block:

def container(&block)
  render(:partial => 'layouts/container', :locals => {:content => capture(&block)})

When I try to use it inside a <%= ... %> tag in ERB:

<%= container do %>
<% end %>

I get a compile error:

compile error
test2.html.erb:1: syntax error, unexpected ')'
            old_output_buffer = output_buffer;;@output_buffer = '';  __in_erb_template=true ; @output_buffer.concat(( container do ).to_s); @output_buffer.concat "\r\n"
test2.html.erb:4: syntax error, unexpected kENSURE, expecting ')'
test2.html.erb:6: syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting ')'

However, if I capture the output of the helper and then output it:

<% output = container do %>
<% end %>
<%= output %>

it works fine, but is ugly.

Is there any way to do what I'd like to? (Note: usually I use HAML, but I'm trying to get my helper working for someone else on the team who is still working in ERB for now; switching to HAML isn't a solution).

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Rather than take credit for someone else's work, I'll just point you here.

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That doesn't really solve my problem. I don't want to change how the helper works because I want it to continue working in HAML as well. Plus, the project uses Rails, so I'm not calling ERB directly like that. –  Daniel Vandersluis Mar 24 '11 at 17:13

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