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I want to throw an alert when an input has a 'readonly' attribute. I have tried this:

  if($('input').attr('readonly') == 'readonly'){


I think that 'if' is not even the best way to do it.

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fastest way is to use the .is() jQuery function.

if ( $('input').is('[readonly]') ) { }

using [readonly] as a selector simply checks if the attribute is defined on your element. if you want to check for a value, you can use something like this instead:

if ( $('input').is('[readonly="somevalue"]') ) { }
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I am trying to prevent a postback only if it's read only mode. I have an asp.net page. stackoverflow.com/questions/30351993/… – SearchForKnowledge May 20 '15 at 14:02

Since JQuery 1.6, always use .prop() Read why here: http://api.jquery.com/prop/

if($('input').prop('readonly')){ }

.prop() can also be used to set the property


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You can just use the attribute selector and then test the length:

$('input[readonly]').length == 0 // --> ok
$('input[readonly]').length > 0  // --> not ok
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Check the current value of your "readonly" attribute, if it's "false" (a string) or empty (undefined or "") then it's not readonly.

$('input').each(function() {
    var readonly = $(this).attr("readonly");
    if(readonly && readonly.toLowerCase()!=='false') { // this is readonly
        alert('this is a read only field');
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Try a simple way:

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try this:

if($('input').attr('readonly') == undefined){

if it is not there it will be undefined in js

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