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Is there an implementation in gmp that allows a power function with only mpf_t's as argument? I want to do this:

mpf_t s ;
mpf_init (s);
mpf_set_d (s,boost::lexical_cast<double>(sec));
mpf_t ten,mil;
mpf_pow_ui(s,ten,s); //<- this doesn't work because it need an unsigned int as third argument but I need it with a mpf_t
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I don't think so, at least not with GNU Multi-Precision library only. But you could use mpfr, which is based on gmp and supports a mpfr_pow (mpfr_t rop, mpfr_t op1, mpfr_t op2, mpfr_rnd_t rnd) function. See here.

If you decide to do that, this could also be helpful.

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