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I've built a simple android program. The program uses an SQL database and has a lot of pictures.

When I check how much RAM my application takes, I see that it uses 4.5M the first time I launch it, and grows by something like 1M every time I exit it via the back or the the home button, and re-enter it.

My question is- is it normal for a program that doesn't do something complicated(a calculation regarding drinking and driving), that uses a database and has a lot of images, to consume that amount of memory?


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You probably want to install this eclipse plug-in. Great for tracking down memory leaks: – William Tate Mar 24 '11 at 18:35
No Its not normal. Check if you are closing all database cursors properly. Can you share the code? – Udayan Mar 24 '11 at 18:37

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I would say that's not normal. A program should not grow in size by 20% just from exiting and re-entering. I would look at what you're doing on exit and load, to see if there's something you're storing but not cleaning up.

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They actually just published a post about tracking down memory leaks on the Android Developer blog a couple hours ago:

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