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I recently set up the static analysis in VS2010 for one of my hobby projects (and annotated all headers), and some of the suggestions it made helped track down a few annoying little bugs.

Seeing that, I've been curious as to whether there is a more extensive rule set around or if such things are available anywhere (I'm using the "Microsoft All Rules" at the moment).

Are there additional rule sets that I could use; if so, where? (Google didn't find any easily)

If not (or even if there are), is there a better set to use? (my project works with graphics mostly)

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I have written about 8, and may be writing more soon, if any of these interest you let me know.

Team policy reminder/enforcers

  • warn on calls to forbidden methods
    • GC.Collect GC.AddMemoryPressure
    • Messagebox.Show
  • warn if inheriting directly from Windows.Forms or Windows.Control
  • warn if a control or form subclass constructor does not call InitializeComponent()
  • warn if a control property is not set per team standards
    • DialogBorderStyle must be fixed
  • error if you do not override certain virtual properties (legacy from vs2005 designer bug)
  • error if you have code that raises a NotImplementedException
  • warn if you don't have hungarian notation to name controls
  • warn if fields are not private
  • ensure a project does not call a Config value or index that does not exist.

Also some of the code is found here

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Alas, your rules themselves aren't much use to me, as I primarily do C++. However, the fact that this is possible and has been done (and I might be able to do some of my own), very much does. I'll be looking at your code snippet to see what I can make of it; do you happen to have any more info around? Thanks for this, though, first evidence I've seen. –  ssube Apr 2 '11 at 3:33
I would think based on the way these are written that they would work with c++. –  Maslow Apr 3 '11 at 13:09
Thanks, I'll play with it and might send a question or two your way sometime (if you don't mind terribly). :) –  ssube Apr 4 '11 at 2:33
@peachy I don't mind at all –  Maslow Apr 4 '11 at 12:54

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