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how can I add a connection string dynamically to role manager?

I'm using mvc 3 with forms authentication and since this is SAAS app the connection string for each client will change dynamically now I can create new datacontext based on dynamic connection string but is there a way to provide same connection string to role manager?

currently rolemanger is configured using web.config as follows (example only not actual file)

<roleManager enabled="true">
                <clear />
                <add connectionStringName="blahblah">
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This post and this post seem to be doing exactly that (If I understand your post correctly).

Basically it's using the ConfigurationManager class to modify the connectionstring, or any value for that matter, of the web.config

Hopes this leads you in the right direction.

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Thanks but this will not work as I've a webapp and in medium trust web.config can not be modified :(.. – AppDeveloper Mar 26 '11 at 0:57

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