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I wish to call class on the String class. How can I access this static method?

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You can call a static method using (ClassName/methodName arguments).

However class is not a static method, it's a java keyword and you don't need it in clojure. To get the Class object associated with the String class, just use String.

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String worked! Thanks – Zubair Mar 24 '11 at 19:49

An example is worth 100 words:

(. String (valueOf 1))
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Class doesn't have a "class" method, nor a "class" member. The symbol String is mapped to the class java.lang.String, if what you want to get is the equivalent of Java's String.class. If you want to call a static method of the String class, the syntax is (String/methodName arg1 arg2).

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Your question has been answered, I think, but if you really do want to get the class of an unknown object, you can use the class function:

> (class "Foo")

As in java, to specify classes outside of java.lang as literals, you need to either import them, or specify the full package + class name using dot (.) separators.

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