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Theres something here I can't quite figure out.

When I attempt to query an object with several fields I yield no results. The object structure looks like this:

    "_id" : ObjectId("4d8b55f017a7303b0b000000"), 
    "title" : "Apollo", 
    "body" : "A spaceflight mission to the moon", 
    "tags" : [ [ "moon", "space", "nasa", "mission" ] ] 

This is my query:

db.test.find({ tags: { $all: ['moon', 'mission'] } })   

However I do get result by creating a new object with a single field:

    "_id" : ObjectId("4d8b9e5935037b3c8228709c"), 
    "tags" : [ "apple", "banana", "pear" ] 

... with the same query as the one above.

['tags'] isn't nested inside any other array, so why does it not return my search queries? Please enlighten me.

Sincerely, Why

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Why are you using a nested array

"tags" : [ [ "moon", "space", "nasa", "mission" ] ]


This does not make any sense.

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I solved it now. That was the more general problem yes. –  why Mar 24 '11 at 20:45
db.test.find({ tags: { $all: [ ['moon', 'mission'] ] } })  
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