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I encountered a very strange problem while sending files, such as pictures, text and zip files to server via ftp. Most of the time, it works fine. But sometimes, the server only has part of the file. On Android, I use Here is the code piece to send a file:

public void ftpUploadFiles(ArrayList<String> fileList, boolean bDeleteAfterUploaded)
    if(fileList.size() <= 0)

    // set up to transfer the files
    FileTransferClient ftp = null;
        //Make sure there is only FTP in the whole system at any given time.
            // create client
            ftp = new FileTransferClient();
            // set remote host


            // connect to the server
            //1. Upload each file
            for(int i = 0 ; i < fileList.size(); i++)

                ftp.uploadFile(fileList.get(i), FileKit.getFileName(fileList.get(i)));


        } //End of synchronized
    } catch (Exception e) 

FileKit is a static wrap-up class for regular file functions. ftpUploadFiles() is called in a separate thread by an Intent so it can run in background. What seems to happen is, the ftp stops before finish transferring the file completely, so the server only gets part of the file. Based on the code above, what could possibly cause the problem? Or is it possible that is a issue with


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Is your app active during transfer? Is it possible that device is going to sleep during ftp transfer? – Olegas Mar 24 '11 at 20:50
supposedly, the app should be active. But we don't force it not to go to sleep. Also, we did some testing, to let the device go to sleep, while the ftp thread still works fine. It finishes the job fine even the device goes to sleep. This issue only happens in the filed with some end users. We can not really recreate it in house. – user518138 Mar 24 '11 at 21:36

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