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I realize this is very similar to this question: how to set windows service in hudson 1.398 but that solution did not work or seem to apply in my case.

I'm a Hudson noob. I downloaded the .war file from the Hudson site. I tried using these two pages as guides:

I then extract the war using "java -jar hudson.war" from the command line. I've tried opening the command line normally and running as admin.

I navigate to http://localhost:8080, then click on "Manage Hudson", but I don't have an option for "Install as Windows Service". I'm using my local Windows 7 Ultimate N 64-bit. I have .NET Framework version 4 installed. What am I doing wrong that causes this option not to appear?

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Do you have UAC enabled? Can you try it with UAC disabled? – Sagar Mar 24 '11 at 21:24

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This seems to be an issue others are experiencing as well. Maybe file a bug at

As a workaround you can just use the Java Service Wrapper and set it up manually. It is pretty trivial to do and there is excellent documentation right there on the site.

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Here is a related question btw.… – Manfred Moser Mar 25 '11 at 18:48
The bug is now fixed and will be part of the next release. – Manfred Moser Mar 30 '11 at 5:11

You can also use Jenkins, where most of the former Hudson developers work (see this), which now has a Windows installer.

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I had same issue with v. 1.398.

I then tried to install v. 1.348 (cause we have that version running on another machine), I then got the option to "Install as Windows Service" which I did and then I upgraded to newest version (my case 1.398).

(another thing, if possible consider using Jenkins, at least its simpler to install the service on a windows machine)

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