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I am creating a table in html where I have defined the widths to be a certain % of the page, but would like to make the resulting spaces form a square. So if I have put the width to 25% as below:

how do I get the height to match the width?

For example, if the browser is open to a 1000 pixel width, the column will be 250 pixels, and I want the height to also be 250 pixels.


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In "pure" HTML/CSS you can't.

The only thing you can do is use Javascript, get the table's width, and set the height to the same level.

A simple method would be:

var e = document.getElementById('MYID');
e.height = e.style.width + 'px';

This may not be entirely reliable across all browsers though ... Jquery provides height(), outerHeight() and a bunch of other functions which may be more reliable across different browsers ...

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