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I am trying to learn LINQ to XML. I can not write a query correctly. What should I write to retrieve the list of code of the index MCCO?

    <Index Name="ARTP">
    <Index Name="MCCO">
    <Index Name="AWAY">

I already wrote this but I feel there is a way to improve query. I assume the fact there are codes (and not values) in my node.

    private List<string> GetCodes(string name)
        var indexes = from index in indexXmlDocument.Descendants("Index")
                      where index.Attribute("Name").Value == name
                      select new 
                          Codes = index.Element("Codes").Elements("Code")
        List<string> codes = new List<string>();
        foreach (var code in indexes.Single().Codes)
        return codes;
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private IEnumerable<string> GetCodes(string name)
    return indexXmlDocument.Descendants("Index")
        .Where(e => e.Attribute("Name").Value == name)
        .Select(e => e.Value);
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You could add a ToList() to the end to keep from changing the return type. – Brent Stewart Mar 24 '11 at 21:29

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