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i am getting this error:‘struct iphdr’ has no member named ‘ip_ttl’ same for other members too but not for protocol feild what is the solution to it?and y does it happen? PS:I saw this on various forums but couldn't get why is it able to access ipHeader->protocol and not others

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Could you post some code? Also, isn't the field just 'ttl' and not 'ip_ttl'? –  Mr. Shickadance Mar 24 '11 at 21:22

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Assuming you're using Linux, try taking a look at /usr/include/linux/ip.h. That header file defines the structure:

struct iphdr {
    __u8    ihl:4,
#elif defined (__BIG_ENDIAN_BITFIELD)
    __u8    version:4,
#error  "Please fix <asm/byteorder.h>"
    __u8    tos;
    __be16  tot_len;
    __be16  id;
    __be16  frag_off;
    __u8    ttl;
    __u8    protocol;
    __sum16 check;
    __be32  saddr;
    __be32  daddr;
    /*The options start here. */

As you can see, the name of the field is ttl, not ip_ttl.

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ip_ttl is from the BSD-compatible IP header declaration found in /usr/include/netinet/ip.h. –  Steve-o Mar 28 '11 at 4:04

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