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I need help. I'm trying to make a .Net, c# application for online creating surveys. I have a few types of questions, and than I dynamicly put labels, combos, textboxes ... on the form. Up to this point, I somehow managed to get. Than, on click on add button, I write down the responses in html format using stringBuffer and append function. Example.

public string RetOptionalQuestion(string seq_numm, string question, string answersOpt)  
       StringBuilder _output = new StringBuilder();

   _output.Append(@ " <tble><t"r"><th>" + seq_numm + "." + question + "</th></tr>");  

   string[] words = answersOpt.Split(';');

    int m = 0;
    foreach (string word in words)
       if (word != "") 
          _output.Append(@" <tr><td> <label> " + word + "</label> </td> <td>
               <input  id='optional" + question + Convert.ToString(m) +
                    "'type='radio' name='rbOpt" + question + "' </td> ");
    return _output.ToString();

Now, I hawe to validate this questions(at least one radio checked...). They have the same name,this mean the same group, so only on e can be selected. Than I have also to save the values(responses) of this questions to the database. Problem is that I don't know how to operate with this html objects. Also how to set tehm the ID-s. I'm trying with javaScript , but with no success. Do you have any advice, hint, example, solution ... where to start... I would be very pleased Thanks, Martin

share|improve this question Read it. Also, did you search first? – Matt Ball Mar 24 '11 at 21:41
...also, since you're using ASP.NET, why aren't you using server controls? You get form validation for free: – Matt Ball Mar 24 '11 at 21:45
So you want to validate the radios after you are outputting it in the above html you mean? You might want to use jquery to do the check upon button click.… – gbs Mar 25 '11 at 1:20

Any input controls posted to the form can be found in the Request.Form dictionary, the key is the 'Name' attribute of the input tag. (I think)

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