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I have been tasked with the job of finding some sort of software that I can use to error check my mms device by flooding it with various messages both properly formed and malformed messages. However in my search for such software I have only been able to find wiki_page which has a description of what mms is, and this link to a paid software, which is what we already have but does not satisfy our needs.

Preferably open source.

So my real question I guess is, is there a test suite for working with mms? So far I have been unable to find anything worth my time.

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I'd even take advice on where to start looking for something more specific like this. I'm running out of ideas of where to look. –  dp. Mar 24 '11 at 23:57
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There is no open source implementation of MMS (thus 61850 nor ICCP) protocols.

While indeed there is virtually none useful information about details of protocols itself (except info pages for proprietary solutions), MMS is is this years getting more and more used, mainly across Power Automation industry (61850 and GOOSE for Protection Relays, Long Distance Relays, as well as ICCP protocol as a standard way for exchanging "real-time" data between Power Utilities.

That said, here are most useful links you can find for free on net:



Of course, you can always buy protocol definition from OSI :)

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