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I have Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010. I am trying to sync a public Outlook calendar with Salesforce using the Salesforce. According to Idea Exchange (here and here), it's not possible (although the second link does contain a workaround that uses a Salesforce license). When I install the Salesforce Outlook Connector and select the calendar to sync with, I only see my personal calendar under my email address, not any public calendars. If I select a "New" and navigate to the public calendar and try to create a sub-folder, I get a message saying "Could not create new folder: MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS"

How can I sync this public folder? If this would show under my email address, I could just select it. Is there a way to get this to work?

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While it isn't an immediate solution you could vote up the ideas:

IdeaExchange: make Public Calendar events first-class citizens

IdeaExchange: Salesforce for Outlook: Enable synching to public folder

API access to public calendars should make this possible.

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