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I'm building a feature for a website that allows a user to

  1. Enter a string and add that string as an item to a list

  2. Sort the list by dragging the items up and down

  3. Delete items from the list

  4. Enforce a limit to the length of the list. For example say I want to limit each list to 10 items or fewer. If a user tried to add an 11th item that should not be allowed.

  5. Communicate actions to back-end server/database: whenever an element is added, deleted, or dragged to a different position in the list, that information needs to be sent back to the back-end server/database

I looked at jQuery UI Sortable plugin but it doesn't really do what I need. Is there any jQuery plugin that does the above 5 things?

If I need to modify jQuery UI Sortable (or something similar) to do what I need, how do I do that? I'm very new to this so any help is really appreciated.

I prefer jQuery as I'm already using it for this project. But if some other libraries is more appropriate for this purpose I'd love to hear about them too.


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All of this can be done programmatically with the jQuery-ui Sortable list. There are different events that you can hook into. For instance, you'd want to hook into the update event on the list to send the order to a back-end server, and use the sortable's serialize() method to uh... serialize the list's order. Like this:

  update: function(event, ui) {

This is just example code, so you'll have to tweak it to get it to do just what you need.

For deleting items in a list, that's as simple as adding some sort of a delete button on each element, and just removing it from the DOM:

<ul id="my-list">
  <li>item 1 <a href="#" class="delete">X</a></li>
  <li>item 2 <a href="#" class="delete">X</a></li>

$('ul#my-list a.delete').live('click', function(e) {

As far as adding items to the list, well there are many ways to do this, I'll leave it to you as I feel I've written for long enough :)

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