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I have a broadcast receiver that listens to incoming calls. And I want to tweak the incoming call screen. Right now I can present toasts and add notifications to the notification bar (BTW the user can't pull it down because the screen is locked, before accepting the call, which kinda sucks). I tried to show an alert but it crashed - is it not allowed? Is there a way for the code in the broadcast receiver to do other things, like change the avatar of the caller or give it a name (even if it doesn't exist in the contacts). Let's just say my broadcast receiver intercepts a call - can it add the phone number and a custom avatar to the contacts, so that they will immediately be presented in the call screen?

What do you think?


I have tested vendor's code, and it worked, but it is not safe to change the UI from a background thread, so I tried to tweak his code a bit to make it thread safe but the toast doesn't appear for some reason. What do you think?

private Handler handler = new Handler();

    private void showToast() { 
        Thread thread = new Thread(null, doBackgroundThreadProcessing, "Background");

    private Runnable doBackgroundThreadProcessing = new Runnable() { 
        public void run() {

    private void backgroundThreadProcessing() {
        handler.post(new Runnable() {
            public void run() { 
                int count = 0;
                    while (count < 10) {

                catch(Exception e){

                    Log.e("LongToast", "", e);
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You need a BroadcastReceiver like that:

public class IncomingBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {

    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {

        MyLog.d("IncomingBroadcastReceiver: onReceive: ");

        String state = intent.getStringExtra(TelephonyManager.EXTRA_STATE);
        MyLog.d("IncomingBroadcastReceiver: onReceive: " + state);
        if (state.equals(TelephonyManager.EXTRA_STATE_RINGING))
            Intent i = new Intent(context, IncomingCallActivity.class);




And register it in the manifest to <action android:name="android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE"></action>.

Then create an Activity like that:

public class IncomingCallActivity extends Activity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        MyLog.d("IncomingCallActivity: onCreate: ");

        // TODO Auto-generated method stub



        String number = getIntent().getStringExtra(TelephonyManager.EXTRA_INCOMING_NUMBER);
        TextView text = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.text);
        text.setText("Incoming call from " + number);

which has this layout:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<TextView xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:id="@+id/text"
    android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent"

This will produce a translucent dialog-like activity on top of the incoming call screen, that allows the user to answer the call (doesn't interfere with touch events).

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I just tried your code, and when a call is received the custom activity is presented for a brief second, and then the regular call screen is presented. I can't see the custom activity at all. I'm testing it on a nexus 1 with 2.3. –  Alex1987 Apr 1 '11 at 10:39
Hi, because some devices have a delay in displaying the incoming call activity, you can try inserting a 1000ms sleep before showing the activity. I had that issue too. –  SirKnigget Apr 2 '11 at 10:42
Thanks man, it worked! –  Alex1987 Apr 2 '11 at 16:56
I'm attempting this, but my transparent window is popping up on top of the last Activity opened in my application, NOT the dialer. What is going wrong? –  malandro95 Apr 9 '11 at 2:44
@SirKnigget, I tried the way you explained but when I got call First it display the call screen for a second and then display the new activity in which we have put the text view and it covers the behind screen I mean the call screen and I could not see the call screen. I have put the 1000ms sleep but did not worked. Please guide me, what to do in this case? Thanks –  user744881 Jul 6 '11 at 9:35

Up to Android 2.3 you can not override the calling screen, but you can show a Toast message on it. The longest period of a toast is 3 seconds and after that it will dissapear. You can however create a thread that calls show() method of the toast every 2 seconds. Something like that:

Thread t = new Thread() {
        public void run() {

            try {
                while (true) {
                    if( isInCall ){


            } catch (Exception e) {

                Log.d("Exception: " + e.toString());

You have to declare toast:

private Toast toast;

You have to init the toast object befor showing it.

toast = new Toast(getBaseContext());    
LayoutInflater inflater = (LayoutInflater) context
    View layout = inflater.inflate(R.layout.toast, null, false);

    toast.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL, 0, 0);
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I did test your code and it worked, but you are doing UI operations from a background thread, which may cause an exception. –  Alex1987 Apr 1 '11 at 12:09
@Alex1987 This is a simple code. You can add a handler and make UI operations thread safe. –  vendor Apr 1 '11 at 12:22
Yes I know. But when I wrap it with a handler, the toast is not presented. I posted some code in my original message. –  Alex1987 Apr 1 '11 at 12:57

This is not possible, answer coming straight from the Android team


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Your link talks about activities, which is not what I asked. I asked for a creative way to show notifications. Right now I can show toasts, with a complex layout, for about 3 seconds, during an incoming call. I can also display notifications on the notification bar - now are there other options? –  Alex1987 Mar 28 '11 at 16:05
@Alex1987 I have the same problem. You can only show a toast and a notification icon in the notification bar. You can however create a custom toast appearance and call the show method many times :) –  vendor Mar 31 '11 at 12:45
@vendor How do you keep the toast visible for a long period of time? Do you have a background thread that takes care of that? And if yes, do you have some working code? –  Alex1987 Apr 1 '11 at 10:41
@Alex1987 I have posted the code :) –  vendor Apr 1 '11 at 11:08
@vendor your code works but you are making UI operations from a background thread, which may cause an exception. I have tried to tweak your code (I have posted it in the original question) to make it thread safe, but for some reason the toast is not presented - do you know why? –  Alex1987 Apr 1 '11 at 12:11

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