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I am looking for a great C++ library for doing basic image manipulation. What I need done is to be able to convert an image to grayscale and have access to read the pixels of the image.

I have looked at OpenCV, GIL, CImg and Magick++, but either they were not too great, or I couldn't figure out how to convert an image to grayscale with the library.

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If you're willing to try something other than C++, then there's Processing processing.org which is absolutely awesome for image manipulation! – Nav Mar 25 '11 at 4:23
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CImg is probably easiest to use, no install it's just a header file

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Yeah, I kept with CImg as soon as i discovered that data-operator the CImg object has. It let's me easily create the image by values x, y, z, v: cimg.sourceforge.net/reference/… – chrisbuchholz Mar 25 '11 at 16:19
Also CImg stores images in planar color (a red image followed by a green, blue) which is a pain for display but makes it very easy to extra each of the color planes – Martin Beckett Mar 25 '11 at 16:22

If you're going to convert color to greyscale on your own, you don't normally want to give equal weight to the three channels. The usual conversion is something like:

grey = 0.3 * R + 0.6 * G + 0.1 * B;

Obviously those factors aren't written in stone, but they should be reasonably close.

You can simulate different colors of filters by changing the factors -- by far the most common filter in B&W photography is red, which would mean increasing the red and decreasing the other two to maintain a total factor of 1.0 (but keep the G:B ratio around 6:1 or so).

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I decided on these values for now: 0.3, 0.59, 0.11. – chrisbuchholz Mar 25 '11 at 16:16

You could also have a look at CxImage (C++ image processing and conversion library) .

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To rough steps to do it using Cimg would be something like:

#include "CImg.h"
using namespace cimg_library;
CImg<unsigned char> image("source.jpg") //[load jpg][2] needs ImageMagick
cimg_for(img,ptr,float) { *ptr=0; }      //[Loop][3] over every pixel, eg this method equivalent to 'img.fill(0);'
save_jpeg (const char *const filename, const unsigned int quality=100) //[save as a jpg][4] 
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You could take a look at Paintlib

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ITK is a great library for image processing. You can convert RGB to grayscale using itk::RGBToLuminanceImageFilter.

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