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Im currently using JSF2, and i notice the JSF bean could have a lot of responsibility, and if combined will look like lots of codes. These include :

  1. holding the state / data
  2. could be a backing bean for the UI component
  3. action methods definition
  4. action listener methods definition
  5. navigation
  6. calling the services
  7. all the setter n getters

Does it make anysense to break these into several classes or do you usually combine all of them together ?

Currenly for every JSF Bean, i define another class to hold the view data / state along with the setter getters.

How do you usually do it ? Please share your experience !

Thank you =)

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Every property which is been used in action(listener) methods needs to stay in the backing bean. The remnant most likely belongs in its own class which can in turn be a different (managed/entity)bean, eventually as a (managed)property of the bean where it originated.

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+1 It is like reading shakespear. I cant understand it :) – Selvin Mar 28 '11 at 11:40

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