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I have developed a Lwuit application and I ported that same app to blackberry bold,curve,storm but when I gonna port that very same application to blackberry torch it doesnt work and gives illegal state exception. So I want to know how to port my app to blackberry torch.

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

Use latest LWUIT repository or download LWUIT 1.5. They created separate LWUIT jar file for blackberry domain. you can use that jar file for your blackberry application. More info look here, LWUIT with Blackberry.

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Try using the Resource Editor for LWUIT 1.5 to redevelop your app - it will surely make it easier this time around. I suggest this because after development, you can generate a netbeans project, that usually contains sub-projects in 4 platforms - Desktop, MIDP, Blackberry and Blackberry touch. I am sure your problematic platform will be covered as well.

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