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Does anyone know of something that will let me design or at least sketch out iPhone interfaces on the go? I'm at school about 6 hours of the day, and that's when I get the best ideas, and need to actually make a rough draft of my design.

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You didn't say what level of technology you typically have available to you.

If you have an iPad, I highly recommend Penultimate. There are other sketch-type apps around, but this one is my favorite. Simple, and beautiful. There aren't any interface mockup templates or anything, it's just a freehand sketch app.

If you don't have an iPad, might I suggest going low-tech? I never go anywhere without pencil and notepad. My personal weapons of choice are the Moleskine Large Reporter, Plain, a Tul 0.7 Mechanical Pencil (which clips nicely onto the Moleskine's strap closure), and some iPhone templates (which can be printed out, cut to size, and tucked into the Moleskine). You could also throw in a stencil kit, but I usually just freehand it.

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Balsamiq Mockups is great for mocking up anything from a Desktop UI to a website to a iPhone app. It has some nice skins and controls for iPhone apps in particular. It also runs on air, which makes it great for cross-platform support and it also means that it can run in the browser (which you have an option to do from their site).


There is also a site to download more UI components for this software: http://mockupstogo.net/

The only downside is that the software is not free... :-( However, you can demo the software and I really do think this is worth investing in.

You also mention designing/sketching out your design, which might work nicely since the mockups will look sort-of sketchy, but you have the benefit of going back and editing it later.

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