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I want to know if i can develop a web page in xcode. If yes, how? What is the main difference between a normal web page and a web page for an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Where should I start? Is it possible to develop web pages? If yes, how?

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No, use DashCode for developing iphone web apps. See Mobile Safari Web Application Tutorial for more info.

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You can indeed write web pages with Xcode. I was able to do so by creating a new empty project, then creating a new file in it with a .html extension. Ready to go.

There is no real difference between webpages for normal browsers and iOS devices. Webpages for iOS devices may have special meta tags changing the viewport and rely on WebKit-specific things, but there's no significant difference.

If you already know HTML, you may want to start at

As for dynamic web pages, yes, of course. Again, it's not that different from developing dynamic web pages for normal browsers.

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thanks for ur help. how u create .html file. and i have safari but i donot know how to use it for developing webpages. i think it is a browser do it work as a ide for web development. – Developer Mar 25 '11 at 6:07
i donot have apple id. so i am unalbe to see safari web development videos from that link. – Developer Mar 25 '11 at 6:08
@iqbal: After creating a new empty project (⌘⇧N, then Mac OS X → Other → Empty Project), press ⌘N, then go to Mac OS X → Other → Empty File. Pick a file name like index.html. That's it. – icktoofay Mar 25 '11 at 8:11

Although you can write HTML in XCode it is really not the best choice. I'd recommend using TextMate, Coda or any of the other thousand text editors available. Alternatively, Dashcode is available and is specifically designed for targeting mobile devices.

Furthermore, if you want to generate dynamic webpages, you are going to need to start using a server side language such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc. Mac OS X comes with Apache and PHP installed so if it is something trivial this might be your best option.

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In my opinion, yes. And while xCode does not target to the web development as other software (like Brackets, DW, etc.) it has a nice feature: a drop-down menu of javascript functions, which would be extremely useful to have in other web development IDEs...

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