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Currently the default install on Ubuntu is for a slightly hardened MySQL database directory, which only root and MySQL users can access and with AppArmor profiles that limit moving the directory.

I was wondering if there are any advantages as a developer to keeping this setup, which does make moving data directories and database files around difficult. I have to sudo myself. I would prefer to have access, through my default user. I would like to use the GUI tools, file browsers and such, to move between directories without the need to change to root.

So I would like to move this to my home directory.

$ mv /var/lib/mysql /home/user/mysql

and follow instruction on this post to fix AppArmor

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most likely all you should do is add your account to the mysql-users group or such –  Dan D. Mar 25 '11 at 6:06
@dan-d still give permission issues when cd or ls in the /var/lib/MySQL dir. The issue is the windows developers in the office just copy the data files around in stead of creating import export scripts. So I have to as well. I am the new guy so they don't listen to me about changes. I want it to be easy with out me escalating privileged. I am more interested in possible advantages and disadvantages. –  nelaar Mar 25 '11 at 6:17

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