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I know this question has been asked countless times on SO, but mine is just weird.

I have a package called critters for the characters in my game.

Of all the classes in this package, one (ACustomSocket) encountered 1046 error when I declare it in my code. Dog is in the same package but does not get the error.

  import critters.*;
  // all necessary imports follow

  public class GameGUI extends MovieClip {
    private var socket:ACustomSocket;
    private var dog:Dog;

Why is there such a difference? Here's how ACustomSocket is declared.

package critters {

    import flash.errors.*;

    class ACustomSocket extends Socket {
        private var response:String;
        public function ACustomSocket(host:String = null, port:uint = 0) {

And here Dog.

package critters {
    import flash.display.MovieClip;

    public class Dog extends MovieClip {

        // Initialization:
        public function Dog() {
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comment out as much as you can until it works, then keep commenting stuff back in until it works. this will track down where the problem. – Adam Harte Mar 25 '11 at 6:36

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Well make your class ACustomSocket Public so other package can use it :

public class ACustomSocket extends Socket {...}
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