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i develop extension for Chrome using XPCOM and i try communicate my dll with JS all fine ! but if i try return value ( string ) from my cpp code i have crash my browser ((( me need allocate memory through NPN_MemAlloc ! but i can't because my VC2008 show me subj error !

i include on my


but not result

next i add

pragma comment(lib,"xpcom.lib"); 

and nothing ((( Link error (((

i search on web answer for my question - and NOTHING (((

how i can fix Link error ? i download Gecko-sdk1.9 from - mozila site and add settings to my progect

include "C:\xulrunner-sdk\include";"C:\xulrunner-sdk\include\nspr";"C:\xulrunner-sdk\include\mozilla\plugins"

dll include in link settings


any can help me ?

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I don't know why npapi.h declares NPN_MemAlloc, however I looked at the source for Mozilla's test plugin and it actually has a definition for NPN_MemAlloc; all it does is call through the memalloc member of the NPNetscapeFuncs* parameter of your NP_Initialize method.

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