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I am wondering on how to implement a search functionality like Github. Just one search box on the top header right and when searched for a keyword, displays the results for Repository, Code and User.

Is there any tutorial or example to implement this on Rails 3?

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Odds are really good they're doing separate searches across the tables for the same value, then combining the results afterwards.

Use Rails to create a small form containing a text field. When it's submitted take the value of the field and do a query using that as the search term.

If you're not sure how to do queries using ActiveRecord, see "Active Record Query Interface" for a nice overview.

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You will have to do several queries, one per model, and put the results together on the same view.

If your question is "how do I do full text searches on several activerecord models in a DRY way" then there are basically two paths:

The common solution, but a bit complex, is using a dedicated daemon on your machine, like Sphinx. Sphinx is a service in (like Apache or MySQL) that indexes your content and allows you to do searches. You can use the Thinking Sphinx gem to communicate with it easily from rails. An alternative to Sphinx is Solr (there's also a gem for it called Sunspot)

If you are using Postgresql, there's a simpler alternative that doesn't require external services running on your server. Postgresql has with some full-text search capabilities built-in. There's a gem called texticle that helps using these services from rails. You can have that working very quickly.

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