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The call back method onPurchaseStateChange is never called. I did my own demo-app and also tried using the Google provided demo (Dungeons).

I'm calling requestPurchase(String productId, String payload) from the onClick method.

    public void onClick(View view) {
        if(view == requestPurchaseButton) {
            mBillingService.requestPurchase("android.test.purchased", "10");

The callback method onRequestPurchaseResponse(Request, ResponseCode) is called. The responseCode here gives the value RESULT_OK. So the request has been sent to the server.

       public void onRequestPurchaseResponse(RequestPurchase request,
                ResponseCode responseCode) 
              if(responseCode == ResponseCode.RESULT_OK) {
            Log.d("AJ", "onRequestPurchaseResponse.ResponeCode.RESULT_OK");
            textView.append(request.mProductId + "\n");
          } else if(responseCode == ResponseCode.RESULT_USER_CANCELED) {
                      //doesn't go here
          } else { 
                     //doesn't go here

The javadoc for this method states

This is called when we receive a response code from Market for a RequestPurchase request that we made. This is NOT used for any purchase state changes. All purchase state changes are received in onPurchaseStateChange(PurchaseState, String, int, long). This is used for reporting various errors, or if the user backed out and didn't purchase the item. The possible response codes are: RESULT_OK means that the order was sent successfully to the server. The onPurchaseStateChange() will be invoked later (with a purchase state of PURCHASED or CANCELED) when the order is charged or canceled. This response code can also happen if an order for a Market-managed item was already sent to the server. RESULT_USER_CANCELED means that the user didn't buy the item. RESULT_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE means that we couldn't connect to the Android Market server (for example if the data connection is down). RESULT_BILLING_UNAVAILABLE means that in-app billing is not supported yet. RESULT_ITEM_UNAVAILABLE means that the item this app offered for sale does not exist (or is not published) in the server-side catalog. RESULT_ERROR is used for any other errors (such as a server error).

But the callback method

        public void onPurchaseStateChange(PurchaseState purchaseState,
                String itemId, int quantity, long purchaseTime,
                String developerPayload) {
            Log.d("AJ", "onPurchaseStateChanged");


is never called.

Am I missing something? The same thing is being done in Dungeons (Google provided demo) and the onPurchaseStateChange is not called.

The Test-InAppBilling document shows that we must be able to reach Purchased state. But When I try, I see only

android.test.purchased: sending purchase request.

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I was having this same problem but just solved it for myself. I was using my work's public key in the code, but trying to run the app on my personal phone. Since I was signed in on my phone with my personal account, I'm guessing Google rightly assumed I wasn't the developer. I would think they would send an error message back though. Once I plugged my personal key into the code, it worked fine on my phone. So the key's may not be matching for you as well.

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Sorry for the late reply, wasn't checking on sat/sun. Would you plz elaborate on where i need to put this code. I haven't yet created a google-inAppBilling test account, i thgt that for testing the prededined values (i'm currently passing "android.test.purchased") i don't need an account. I went thru the code and didn't find any place where it requested a app-key or dev-key. Thanks . – AkasH Mar 28 '11 at 5:00
found it, but still not going to "onPurchaseStateChanged" :( – AkasH Mar 28 '11 at 10:25
Where is your receiver for the broadcast intents? Put some log in there, doing mBillingService.requestPurchase should send you back RESPONSE_CODE then IN_APP_NOTIFY. Here's another Tutorial:… for another perspective – Blundell Mar 31 '11 at 12:01
If using the sample Dungeons code as a base, the key goes in the file on the line which starts: String base64EncodedPublicKey = ... This key must match the one on your dev account, as well as the Google account tied to the phone. – skouri Mar 31 '11 at 20:09
Guys, thanks a lot for all your help. Really just needed to log-in with the publisher account. I was using a test account which was added in the publisher site, dunno why that wasn't working tho. I think i have it figured out now. StackOverFlow - 1, Google - 0 wrt to support for their stuff. Thanks a lot again. Woot. – AkasH Apr 7 '11 at 9:20

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