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Hi I have five menu items " Home, About us, Archives, Services, Contact us" they all comes from mod_mainmenu modules and on Archives i need to put onclick event how can i do that? Is it possible or not?

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As the above poster said, it is not good practice to hack core files. However, take a look into Template Overrides and you can copy the referenced php document into the template's html directory, which will override the core component. In this way, the core component can still be updated when you update/upgrade Joomla, and your override file will take precedence.

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find the file modules/mod_mainmennu/helper.php

find the comment // Print a link if it exists

and in switch case while generating <a href=.... you can add onlick =" function()"

This is not good practice to hack the core files. You must create another module and render it.

Or user JQuery to work on onclick event of links.

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There is actually a very easy way to do that. In the URL input field in Joomla, close th url with a " then a space then onClick="yourJavaScript; but don't put the ending " In other words:

http://yourwebsite.com" onClick="yourJavaScript;

Simple really

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the weird thing is it's working for one of my websites but not for the other, and they are running the same version of Joomla. –  Ben Dubuisson Jan 23 '13 at 22:15

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