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My application requires users to type some code in the textarea. I wish to provide them the syntax highlighting and the tab interface. I did my homework but couldnt achieve it .

I observe the first tab is always displayed as a space in flex textarea. I wish to solve this problem also, in case the tab interface is successfully provided.

Any references or code help will be great

Thanks a lot

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I've been using as3syntaxhighlight which works pretty well, and was the only open source library I could find. I was able to easily add custom keywords, and change coloring.

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Thanks I will check it! – Skeptor Apr 8 '11 at 11:52

What do you mean by tab interface? You want like a list of possible words when you press tab?

I seriously recommend not doing that because it would mean hijacking the tab's normal behavior which is moving between components. I would recommend you use another key(ctrl+space?) or a different kind of interface for it. For the highlighting, just use Sean's suggestion.

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I guess you are right. Thanks – Skeptor Apr 8 '11 at 11:55

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