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I'd like my functions to expect strings/integers or throw a fit, like:

warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string

However for this function

public function setImage($target, $source_path, integer $width, integer $height){...

I get:

Argument 4 passed to My_Helper_Image::setImage() must be an instance of integer, integer given


function(array $expectsArray)

works as I expect, how would I achieve the same effect as with integers and strings?

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There is no Type Hints for scalars as of PHP 5.3.6. PHP 5.3.99 does have scalar typehints but it's not yet finalised if they stay and how they will work then. In the current 5.3.99 version, they are just ignored.

There is a couple of is_* functions that let you do that, e.g.

To raise a Warning, you'd use

with an E_USER_WARNING for $errorType.


function setInteger($integer)
    if (FALSE === is_int($integer)) {
        trigger_error('setInteger expected Argument 1 to be Integer', E_USER_WARNING);
    // do something with $integer


If you want to use Scalar Type Hints desperately, have a look at

which shows a technique for enforcing scalar typehints via a custom Error Handler.

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PHP does not (yet) implement strong typing, therefore you cannot force a parameter to be an integer. It does only apply to classes (the error you get imply that $width should be an instance of class integer) and arrays.

Type hinting for classes is available in PHP 5, type hinting for arrays starting with 5.1, and apparently scalar type hinting may (or may not) be available in the future.

You can of course as others have pointed out, check for type within your function/method, but that is fundamentally different from strong typing. The desired effect will of course be present either way.

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So the warnings thrown by php are checked withing the function? – Moak Mar 25 '11 at 8:51
Functions like preg_replace are not written in PHP and therefore does not have to abide to the rules of the PHP language. You would have to consult the source code to see that, but my gut feeling tells me that is the case. – Peter Lindqvist Mar 25 '11 at 8:53
It could also be a case where PHP (the runtime) internally checks this against the function declaration (since it is written in c, it has type defined for parameters) and then decides what to do. The function php_pcre_match_impl() clearly states that subject should be char *. – Peter Lindqvist Mar 25 '11 at 9:03

You can use "Type Juggling" like (int)$height.

For example:

function setImage($target, $source_path, integer $width, $height) {
    $height = (int)$height;
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