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I'm trying to find all child elements whose attribute class is 'TRX' and whose attribute distName Starts with 'PLMN-PLMN/BSC-208812/BCF-1/BTS-1'

Is something like this possible?


I'm using cElementTree over lxml because it is much much faster on my comp.

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ElementTree can in fact do this.

You may need to use .//* instead of *.

Python docs ElementTree version 1.3.0 which comes with Python 2.7 has the XPath capabilities you seek.


from xml.etree import ElementTree

et = ElementTree.fromstring("""
        <a class='c' foo='e'>this is e</a>
        <a class='c' foo='f'>this is f</a>
        <a class='c' foo='g'>this is g</a>

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print ElementTree.VERSION
    print  "* c and f", et.findall("*[@class='c'][@foo='f']")
    print  ".//* c and f", et.findall(".//*[@class='c'][@foo='f']")
    print  ".//* c", et.findall(".//*[@class='c']")
    print  ".//* f", et.findall(".//*[@foo='f']")


* c and f []
.//* c and f [<Element 'a' at 0x10049be50>]
.//* c [<Element 'a' at 0x10049bdd0>, <Element 'a' at 0x10049be50>, <Element 'a' at 0x10049bf10>]
.//* f [<Element 'a' at 0x10049be50>]
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I guess I misphrased my question, I want to find all class = 'c' whose foo attribute begins with something – jck Mar 25 '11 at 10:03
My bad, I didn't read it. shows that it doesn't support starts-with(), which is what you need for that. – kevpie Mar 25 '11 at 10:19
I did it by iterating the loop in python... It's still faster than lxml because of the structure of the xml... – jck Mar 25 '11 at 12:02

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