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I tried to launch my Qt application on a device that uses Symbian 9.1 (Nokia E65). But TRK (the debug agent) for S60 v3 FP1 can not install. I tried to download the TRK agent from other source and installed it on my device, but it doesn't work with the Qt Debugger.

How can I make the Qt Debugger work with my Nokia E65 device? Or how do I get a compiled .sis application file for my Nokia e65?

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E65 is running S60 3.0 (3rd Edition initial release). You'll need a S60 3.1 device (3rd Edition FP1) or newer for Qt development. I'm afraid you're out of luck developing Qt application for E65.

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it's bad( thank you –  Alexander Tkachenko Mar 27 '11 at 13:20

I tried installing the Qt cmponent in my E65 but it kept on saying qt component missing. And finally popped up a msg , unable to install. Its like Qt is built for S60v3os9.2 and higher. Its so frustrating

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