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There are many services offering hosted code repositories and version control, some are completely free like Sourceforge, Google Code, Codeplex, others offer paid services for private code like Beanstalk, GitHub or Springloops. But which service do you use and why?

If there is a list of existing services, I'd like to know about it as well.

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I used svnhostingcomparison.com to help compare the various plans & providers when I was looking for a hosting service.

I ended up going with ProjectLocker.com to host a couple small projects. I've been happily using their service for about six months now.

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portal.Projectlocker.com is great free svn(and trac) SCC. It was getting slow, but since their last maintanence cycle its wondrously fast again. –  BozoJoe Nov 24 '10 at 22:31

I use github, mainly for the free open-source projects. However, I work at a small company and we sometime contract out an additional developer for a particular project. With github, we can give that contractor access to that single project and do not have to let him inside our network if we do not want to do so.

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We use www.assembla.com Its very well done and has a wealth of features. Source control, issue tracking, work flows, chat, file upload, team wiki, etc. There is also a way to post/recruit employees to your projects. Pricing is pretty reasonable as well. It's $2 per project, per member, and $1 per 1GB of space. So if you have a project with 4 members and is 2GB is space (which is a lot for software), the cost would be $10/month.

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I use Assembla. It's paid service that provide both SVN and Mercurial hosting. Open source projects can be hosted for free. They also provide Wiki's, Timeline, Project Management and a huge amount of others features I haven't used yet.

I use a basic capped user package and so far haven't exceeded the monthly $4.00 fee.

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I use Dreamhost to host many of my projects. They offer SVN hosting as part of their web hosting plans so technically it's not really free but in a way it is a freebie if you own a hosting plan with them.

So far it worked out great for me since I have a lot of code that I did not want to make public that I'm hosting there.

Their plans start at $5.95/mo and I highly recommend them. I've owned my plan for about two years and so far it's been the best hosting experience I've ever had, and they really seem to know what they are doing.

Plus, you get SSH access and there's a lot of things you can do to customize your experience. They even give you access to rsync and allow you to download and compile/run your own code on your account!

See this entry in their wiki for details (you'll also get a feel for the kind of level of access that you get from them): http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Subversion#Subversion_on_Dreamhost

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I use ProjectLocker for free private Git repositories. Nice interface and I've never had a problem.

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