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I've been asked which format I need the music for my project in and, looking through the documentation, it seems that the Android platform offers a good choice.

Audio is certainly not my forte so I'm wondering if there's a specific format that is best suited for Android playback? The main factors that come to mind are size and CPU overhead for decompression and playback. (The music is to be played in the background of a game, but it's not a particularly CPU intensive game).

Any advice would be very welcome.

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Ogg is the "free" choice, of course, and you are using Android. ;)

I'm not aware of any really significant differences in performance for decoding Ogg and Mp3 equivalent audio.

Mp3 might be the better choice if you intend to use your software on several platforms. The implementation would probably be more consistent than Ogg.

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Mp3 crashes the API 7 emulator. I figure then that Vorbis OGG is better for backwards compatibility. –  Jonny Jan 13 '13 at 4:54
What's a good bit rate to choose? –  Edward Falk Dec 10 at 23:48

Android 2.3 and up uses OpenSL ES API, which has great support for MP3. All previous versions and bugs and difficulties with audio here and there. I would still go with MP3 for earlier API versions. Ogg would be a pain to implement. In fact, before Android 2.3 API (version 9, I believe), there were lots of complaints about developing any kind of audio applications for Android.

CORRECTION Android does have .ogg compatibility starting with API version 8.

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why not use .wav files :D

You can have it in a non encoded format, that you can play on the AudioTrack without any need for implementation of a decoder. I've made a music player, with several equalization effect where i use .wav files for playback.

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He said one of the main factors was size. .wav files will be huge compared to any compressed format. –  Nathan Long Mar 25 '11 at 10:05
ahh yeah that's right.. –  CoOkie Mar 25 '11 at 10:08

SoundPool is known to have problems with MP3 files. I prefer using OGG files.

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