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Can we use globmapper inside "presrc" or "postsrc" call? If we can, how to use?

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I've been holding off answering this hoping someone would reply with an example. I have a new laptop and haven't rebuilt my FTE sandbox environment yet so I can't whip something up. Since there are no replies forthcoming, I'll at least confirm that this can be done. – T.Rob Mar 30 '11 at 16:14
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The "presrc" or "postsrc" calls can run any valid Ant script so the short answer is "yes".

Hopefully, someone will respond with a sample code to provide the longer answer. :-)

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Sample for reference:

<fte:filemove src="${source.agent}@${source.qmgr}" dst="${destination.agent}@${destination.qmgr}" rcproperty="copy.result">
<fte:presrc command="antfile.xml" type="antscript" retryCount="2" retryWait="30" successRC="0">
    <property name="source.filename" value="${trigger.filename}"/>
    <property name="source_path" value="${source.path}"/>
    <property name="source_agent" value="${source.agent}"/>
    <property name="source_qmgr" value="${source.qmgr}"/>
    <property name="source_archive_path" value="${archive.path}"/>
<fte:filespec srcfilespec="${source.path}/${trigger.filename}" dstfile="${destination.path}/${trigger.filename}" overwrite="true"/>    
<fte:postdst command="antfile.xml" type="antscript" retryCount="2" retryWait="30" successRC="0">
    <property name="destination.filename" value="${trigger.filename}"/>
    <property name="destination_path" value="${destination.path}"/>
    <property name="destination_agent" value="${destination.agent}"/>
    <property name="destination_qmgr" value="${destination.qmgr}"/>

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