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I'm looking for a web-based reporting framework which is PHP-based and works with MySQL.

Here's my problem (besides being too lazy to program this on my own): I have a large (50k+ rows) table which stores log data for multiple clients. These clients need to be able to sort and search and do all those grand things.

I'd really like something with a decent amount of power behind it, which is why I'm apprehensive about building one myself. This isn't a big enough need to merit putting an exorbitant amount of time into, but it is a necessary function for my clients.

Ideally, I would like some sort of framework which I can either pass data or it get the data itself with a templating engine (so it would do all the presentation). I could get the rendered presentation and drop it into my site.

Something so nice probably doesn't exist, but maybe I'll be lucky.

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I've found a decent substitute that fits my needs pretty well: a Symfony plugin called laiguExtGridPlugin. It's not a framework, but it using JSON calls to get data and displays it with sorting and pagination. I haven't actually implemented it yet, I'm going to read though the source code tonight to see how to do so--there's very little documentation on the plugin, go figure. I'll end up posting something on my blog once I do implement it.

Update: the laiguExtGridPlugin has been implemented, but it sits ontop of a Javascript library called ext. This library is massive, over 27 megs. That's for the full library. The part that I use is around 100KB. I also use jQuery, so both of those libraries loading (which, thankfully, it's only for one page) is quite unacceptable. I will be switch to a jQuery-base grid system.

I also found a commerically licensed jQuery plugin called jqGrid from Trirand. It's a bit out of my price range at $599 for a one seat license with subscription, source, and priority support or $450 for just a license. However, it does look quite nice and reminds me very much of the newer Msoft Office UIs.

For now the former will do just fine; however, I am going to be looking around for a framework. I may just make one myself.

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If you havent already, i'd give Roman's suggestion a try. The agiletoolkit is under 6MB for everything and only loads the parts you need in the page but the example he provided in the code above is all you need to create a grid showing the data from the table.

The setSource line determines which table will be fetched from mysql, in this case the 'user' table


and if you need to enforce some limit on the rows returned rather than letting the user filter them e.g. just listing guys, you can add


I think there are also some export options for MVCGrid in the atk4-addons directory so you could possibly add Excel or PDF export of the data in the grid although i havent had time to explore those options myself yet - just noticed export.php in the addons directory.

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This can be done simply in Agile Toolkit, which would also integrate jQuery and AJAX.

1.git clone git://

(alternatively you can download a bundle)




class MyApp extends ApiFrontend {
    function init(){
    function page_index($p){




$api=new MyApp('myapp');

Features are: pagination, sorting, filtering and you can customize everything. Agile toolkit has extensive documentation and learning book.

You can login with u: demo, p: demo

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Thanks for your answer! However, I've updated the answer I posted to include the fact I will not be using any other Javascript library except jQuery. Although, Agile Toolkit looks quite nice and I will be considering it for other projects in the future! Thanks again! – Logan Bibby Mar 30 '11 at 22:10
Agile Toolkit is built on jQuery ;) – romaninsh Mar 31 '11 at 0:07
So it is! My apologizes! I must not have been paying much attention. :( – Logan Bibby Apr 2 '11 at 7:55

PHPRunner - PHP code generator

There's also this, but I don't know if you want it to be free.

There's also this cross platform reporting tool (which isn't in PHP).

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Thanks for those!! My only issue with products that aren't free is they're typically not open source--or you have to pay a large amount to get the source as a deterrent not to share. Thanks again! – Logan Bibby Mar 25 '11 at 15:15
It's quite hard to come across free reporting tools for php. That's all I found while searching (I didn't search more in depth but still). If I learn something new I'll get back to you. – CoolStraw Mar 25 '11 at 15:41
Thanks! :) And I don't necessarily need free. But I do want open source without having to pay an extra $300 for it, if you know what I mean. I tend to be unhappy if I can't hack away at something. ;) – Logan Bibby Mar 25 '11 at 23:11

there are couple of tools that I believe can help you : : Can help you converting your SQL quires into professional reports : Wizard style interface that can help you create PHP reports for MySQL ( you can so search and sort ) it does support member loggin

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