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can you please explain what is check_ret....Explain with example....

check_ret "Extract of rec count from filename $orig_file" quiet

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It's almost certainly a shell function that check the shell return code (like $?) from the previous statement and outputs a message if it's not zero.

I'd guess that the quiet option would be for only outputting an error message on failure rather than an error/success message no matter what.

But that's mostly supposition based on experience. Whatever it is, it's not standard UNIX so you should be looking at your functions with something like typeset -f or aliases with alias (depending on your shell).

A cursory search of the web shows up this possibility:

check_ret() {
    if [[ $RET -ne 0 ]] ; then
       $ECHO $1 failed
       exit_script 2

which is basically what I described although, obviously, that has no quiet option checking in it so it's only an approximation.

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