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Possible Duplicate:
preventing mouseout event for child node

 <li id="profile-list">
            <a href="profile.html" class="main-menu" id="p">PROFILE </a>

             <div id="m1" class="sub-menu"  style="visibility: hidden;">
                  <a href="Profile-Value and beliefs.html">Value & Beliefs </a>
                  <a href="Profile-Quality.html">Quality</a>
                  <a href="Profile-Strategic.html">Strategic networks </a>


My Jquery is

$("#m1").mouseover(function () {
        $("#p").css({ 'background-image': "url(images/tab_bg.png)", 'background-repeat': "no-repeat", 'color': '#FFF' });      
    $("#m1").mouseout(function () {

When I move the mouse on submenu link mainmenu link is animate.I don't want this.Please help!

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marked as duplicate by Jeff Atwood Mar 26 '11 at 10:23

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

thinzar, your code look VERY complicated, try to refactor your posted code, I think your problem will look more simple if you do so.

Do always follow the good practices when posting your code to public websites.

1- post a complete, easy to ready code.

2- be precise about your problem, describe it with clear words.

3- we are all here to help, so help us to help you :)

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It's very difficult to know exactly what you're talking about, especially without your CSS. For your jQuery, perhaps something like this?

function () {
    $("#p").css({ 'background-image': "url(images/tab_bg.png)", 'background-repeat': "no-repeat", 'color': '#FFF' });      
}, function () {

    function () {
    $("#s").css({ 'background-image': "url(images/tab_bg.png)", 'background-repeat': "no-repeat", 'color': '#FFF' });
}, function () {
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