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What do you consider the best practice to handle locales and internationalization in a Rails app on Heroku in a RESTful way? What is your bit of code that gateways the user according to their locale? Is a subdomain solution (,, …) possible without the wildcard subdomain add-on on Heroku?

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I don't believe there is anything to stop you using, and friends on Heroku.

Rather than using wildcard domains, what you'd have to do is:

  • Manually configure your DNS domain to provide 'true' DNS names for each locale.
  • Add each domain manually using the (free) Custom Domain plugin.

Obviously this is a bit more work than using wildcard domains, but should be fine unless you've got a lot of locales to manage.

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You have different options to set the locale, e.g. you could as well go with . See RailsGuides for more information. There is no need to mess with domains unless you absolutely want to :)

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