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I have an android project in my eclipse workspace. However, it uses source imported from another location - I dragged the folder onto the project and selected "Link to files and folders". The sources itself exists in a mercurial repo but the project does not. How can I get eclipse to give me a team menu for mercurial sources, is it possible? (I have installed MercurialEclipse plugin) The only thing I can see it offers me is when I right click the project to create a new mercurial repo which is not what I want.

Thanks in advance Stephen

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The normal solution would be to reference your second set of source as a subrepo.

But since May 2010, issue 11871 shows that subrepos aren't properly recognized by the MercurialEclipse plugin.
Its target resolution is for MercurialEclipse1.9. We are currently at MercurialEclipse1.7.1.

So the other solution would be to make a separate project, referencing directly (and only) your second set of sources, and setup a "project dependency" between your first project and your second Eclipse project.
That second project would include a second Mercurial repo and could be shared easily with MercurialEclipse.

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