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I use FreeImage to work with multipage TIFF files and at some point I have a TIFF page, in a FIBITMAP and I need to know its compression. Any idea how to do this?

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I have the same question! If you'll find how it can be done, please answer here! – ieaglle May 1 '11 at 14:42
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FreeImage has no built in function to reveal the tiff file compression scheme, however you can use Exif metadata to figure that out (dib is local FIBITMAP variable, this is c# code):

    public string GetCompressionName()
        long _compression;

        if (dib.IsNull)
           throw new Exception("dib is empty - image haven't been loaded!");

        //Searching tag in metadata.
        ImageMetadata iMetadata = new ImageMetadata(dib);

        foreach (MetadataModel metadataModel in iMetadata)
            if (metadataModel.ToString() == "FIMD_EXIF_MAIN")
                { long.TryParse(metadataModel.GetTag("Compression").ToString(), out _compression); }
                { return "Unknown"; }

                if (CompressType.ContainsKey(_compression))
                    string _compressionName;
                    CompressType.TryGetValue(_compression, out _compressionName);

                    if (_compressionName != null)
                        return _compressionName;

        return "Unknown";

Dictionary<long, string> CompressType = new Dictionary<long, string>()
            {1, "Uncompressed" } ,
            {2, "CCITT modified Huffman RLE"},
            {32773, "PackBits"}, 
            {3, "CCITT3"},
            {4, "CCITT4"},
            {5, "LZW"},
            {6, "JPEG_old"},
            {7, "JPEG_new"},
            {32946, "DeflatePKZIP"},
            {8, "DeflateAdobe"},
            {9, "JBIG_85"},
            {10, "JBIG_43"},
            {11, "JPEG"},
            {12, "JPEG"},
            {32766, "RLE_NeXT"},
            {32809, "RLE_ThunderScan"},
            {32895, "RasterPadding"},
            {32896, "RLE_LW"},
            {32897, "RLE_HC"},
            {32947, "RLE_BL"},
            {34661, "JBIG"},
            {34713, "Nikon_NEF"},
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