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I checked similar topics but none of those solutions did work.

Here is the site:

Here is the css:

MENÜ LIST is my css drop down menu. I tried these; reset.css,, emulateIE7 meta tag. But none of those did work either. Also is still on. That work for first level of drop down menu, but have a 2nd level under "Hizmetlerimiz > ilaçlama >" (You will see how it should be if you try on chrome of firefox)

Thanks for any help.

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  1. adding <li> tags to the sub-sub anchor tags - just as you have done for the sub anchors.
  2. moving Google analytic code from above <!DOCTYPE to inside body tag
  3. Adding the missing quote on line 168: currently: cellspacing=0"
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The script stuff before the doctype is putting you into quirks mode. Move that into the head where it belongs.

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