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I want to add a item to a SharePoint 2010 list by using PowerShell. This list is related with the standard SharePoint Approval Workflow. I want to add Items and set the workflow status to "Published" with PowerShell. My Code, but how it is possible to set the Workflow status to "Published"?

$web = Get-SPWeb $Url
$list = $web.Lists["MyList"]
$newitem =    $Schulliste.items.Add()
$newitem["Column1"] = "Test1" # Works fine!

#Set Column Writable
$column = $list.Fields["WorkflowName"]
$column.Hidden = $false
$column.ReadOnlyField = $false

#Update Workflow Item
$newitem["WorkflowName"] = "Published" #Not working

#Set Column Readonly
$column = $list.Fields["WorkflowName"]
$column.Hidden = $true
$column.ReadOnlyField = $true
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I think, setting the Status field is not the right way. You should approve the item programatically.


$newitem.File.Approve("approved by script")
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Thanks! That is the solution! –  LaPhi Mar 25 '11 at 15:33
damn! This only works with a document library but I´m using a list! Thanks for your post, nice to know! –  LaPhi Mar 28 '11 at 9:31
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My workaround now is to activate and deactivate the content approval

$web = Get-SPWeb $Url        
$list = $Web.Lists["MyList"]  

$list.EnableModeration = $false 

$newitem =    $liste.items.Add()   
$newitem["Column1"] = "Test1" 

$list.EnableModeration = $true 
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