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I'm sitting here looking at app development for iphones, tearing my hair because it's sooo not what I'm used to, coming from .NET and in generel being a beginner.

What I've been asked to do is make a simple app that has 4-5 buttons in the bottom and then a webbrowser to fill the rest of the screen. Pressing button 1 will load webpage 1, button 2 will load webpage2, etc.

But I have no clue of how this can be done in Objective-C? Is there some tutorials that cover something like that?

And can you guys recommend any good and free e-books about iphone/objective-c development?

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These are some good starting resources:

Here's one that seems specific to your current project: http://www.icodeblog.com/2008/12/19/iphone-coding-learning-about-uiwebviews-by-creating-a-web-browser/



There's also a whole series of free teaching video courses at the App Store (Stanford courses, etc.)

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I can not recommend and free books right now all the books from apress helped me learn iPhone SDK and Objective-C.


Otherwise there are many free tutorials online. Maybe you should start with something simple.

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Start with a UITabViewController and add several tabs, each with a UIWebView in them. Google 'UITabViewController' and 'UIWebview' and you will quickly find relevant tutorials.

I prefer reading the (free) apple documentation directly: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/navigation/index.html

and occasionally paying for or borrowing supplementary materials that are new and interesting.

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