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In Sproutcore i am using the universal setter/getter method like so:

foo.set('bar', newValue );
val = foo.get('bar');

This is quite different to Objective-c, how would i write a custom getter/ setter?


Thanks to those who helped, the way to do it is

bar: function( propKey, propVal ) {
  if(propVal===undefined) {   // called as getter method
    var computedBarValue = ...
    return computedBarValue;
  } else { = propVal + ...    // called as setter method

As you can see, you have one method that is the both the getter and the setter.

if you call

val = foo.get('bar');

the method argument 'propVal' will be undefined.

if you call

foo.set('bar', newValue );

the method argument 'propVal' will be newValue

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Custom setter/getter function would look smth like this:

bar: function(key, value){
  if(value != undefined){
    this._bar = value;

  return this._bar;

This would simply get/set the value. To do smth on set, just add what you want after this._bar = value, to do smth on get, just add if value == undefined.

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Hi, thanks for the answer - this is pretty much what i think won't work.. but ill try to do some tests and maybe expand the question with some more details. –  hooleyhoop Mar 26 '11 at 10:42
The ToDos demo described at includes this setter/getter pattern for the allAreDone function –  Paul Beusterien Mar 29 '11 at 21:51
Thanks, @Mantas, your way doesn't work with KVO –  hooleyhoop Apr 6 '11 at 13:57

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