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Netstream.step method AS3

This supposedly gives use the ability of frame level control of the video when using a flash media server.

Question : Can we implement something like this using the red5 server. Does it support the method? Question : Does red5 have pseudo streaming capability i.e seek to beyond buffered video ?

This directly from the method description on the adobe docs

Steps forward or back the specified number of frames, relative to the currently displayed frame. Specify a positive number to step forward and a negative number to step in reverse. Call this method to create accurate fast forward or rewind functionality.

This method is available only when data is streaming from Flash Media Server 3.5.3 or higher and when NetStream.inBufferSeek is true. Also, the target frame must be in the buffer. For example, if the currently displayed frame is frame number 120 and you specify a value of 1000, the method fails if frame number 1120 is not in the buffer.

This method is intended to be used with the pause() or togglePause() methods. If you step 10 frames forward or backward during playback without pausing, you may not notice the steps or they'll look like a glitch. Also, when you call pause() or togglePause the audio is suppressed.

If the call to NetStream.step() is successful, a NetStatusEvent is sent with "NetStream.Step.Notify" as the value of the info object's code property.

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Its not in Red5 right now but I'll add an enhancement request on the issue tracker. For now you could implement a pause + seek scheme.

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Enhancement request: – Paul Gregoire May 7 '12 at 17:38

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