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I'm trying to show a DICOM image on the iPhone / iPad, and was looking at the ITK library as a way of doing this. Does anyone know how to build this library for iOS, or have any sample code for this?

I have been trying all the different libraries to show a DICOM file, but I need some help with an example so I can learn from it.

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Do you really mean "show it in Xcode" or do you mean "display it in my Cocoa application on an iOS device"? Removing the Xcode tag for now ... – Joshua Nozzi Mar 25 '11 at 15:37
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You can use GDCM with ITK to read DICOM, like :

To build ITK on IOS, you can read :

But you can use DCMFramework (used in OsiriX) or DCMTK presented in (to build DCMTK, you can read or search on

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Here's a paper on building itk for ios.

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The internal library used by ITK is GDCM. Simply grab it from

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Instructions for building ITK on IOS are in the PDF at this site: Insight Journal Article

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Thanks for the link Sean - I found this last week and complied all the libraries in xcode 3 and xcode 4. It was all looking good until I found xcode 4 did not recognise any of them once I tried to link it to my project - another problem to add to my rowing list :-) – rick Apr 3 '11 at 18:04

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