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Unexpected response Content-Type text/html

DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ErrorUtilities.VerifyProtocol(bool condition, string message, object[] args) Line 237   C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ErrorUtilities.ThrowProtocol(string message, object[] args) Line 257    C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth2.ChannelElements.OAuth2ClientChannel.ReadFromResponseCore(DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.IncomingWebResponse response) Line 67 + 0x1a4 bytes  C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.Channel.RequestCore(DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.IDirectedProtocolMessage request) Line 659 + 0xe bytes C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.Channel.Request(DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.IDirectedProtocolMessage requestMessage) Line 477 + 0xe bytes  C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth2.ClientBase.UpdateAuthorizationWithResponse(DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth2.IAuthorizationState authorizationState, DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth2.Messages.EndUserAuthorizationSuccessAuthCodeResponse authorizationSuccess) Line 204 + 0x19 bytes    C#
        DotNetOpenAuth.DLL!DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth2.WebServerClient.ProcessUserAuthorization(DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.HttpRequestInfo request) Line 118 + 0xf bytes    C#
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This "question" isn't even phrased as a question. Please add what your question is, and provide some background, the type of exception thrown, whether you're on a public or local box, who you're talking to, the OAuth 2.0 version of the server you're communicating with... – Andrew Arnott Mar 26 '11 at 15:45 - the server, yes on OAuth 2.0 version supported. This error occurs both locally and on the hosting. – mmx003 Mar 28 '11 at 8:38

By the looks of it, either the server is buggy, or it's running an incompatible version of OAuth 2.0 (there are only 13 drafts of that unfinalized spec out there in use today). This is one reason to not use OAuth 2.0 in production until it's finalized.

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@mmx003 says "thanks" :) – sarnold Mar 29 '11 at 3:42
16 drafts and counting – David Waters Jun 27 '11 at 18:09

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