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I want to have two foreign keys to the same model:

class Test(models.model):
    example1 = models.ForeignKey(Example)
    example2 = models.ForeignKey(Example)

I get errors like:

Accessor for field 'example1' clashes with related field 'Example.test_set'. Add a related_name argument to the definition for 'example1'.

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Django uses some python magic to define relationships between models, some of which involves using the name of the models in the relationships (that's where the 'test' in 'test__set' is coming from.) What's happening, I would guess, is that it's trying to put "test__set" in the Example model twice, once for each foreign key you've got defined.

The error message suggests something to try: define a related_name argument (overriding one of those 'test_set's) that it can use instead of autogenerating two clashing names.

More info here

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This more info link no longer works – Stephn_R Nov 5 '14 at 5:25

Try using related_name:

class Test(models.model):
    example1 = models.ForeignKey('Example', related_name='example1')
    example2 = models.ForeignKey('Example', related_name='example2')
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I have two models in app that tries to do this. The second one works fine with this method: it has to foreign keys to the first model. The first model does not work. Maybe it is because it is referring to an imported model instead. Has anyone made this work with imported models? – SpiRail Jan 31 '13 at 0:26

Just do what the error message tells you to do, and if you're unsure what that means, consult the documentation for related_name.

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